3D Printing

3D printing, while still relatively new technology, is a fantastic way to bring ideas to life. We have one printer currently running almost 24/7, and will be adding more to our lineup soon. 


Current Printer

Our current print bed is a Powerspec Ultra, which is a rebrand of the Flashforge Dreamer printer. It had dual extruders, and a heated bed, making it capable of some complex prints with impressive quality and speed. For added ease and capability, we use the Simplify3D software for settings and final slicing. 


Printed Tools

A good chunk of what we have printed so far has been tools, replacement parts for the printer itself, or in the case of the picture, spacing tools for installing a Jeep lift kit.



With the right settings, and a decent model, the printer is capable of putting out some beautifully detailed models. These can be left on their own, or painted and detail for final finish.