Start here for info and to order the lift kit for the KL Cherokee:

The lift is achieved by adjusting the strut and mount in the front of the vehicle, and adding spacers to the rear spring. This allows for a  1.5" lift, and allows for larger tires.

All parts are custom made for the vehicle, and made from high quality parts. 


Spacers are made of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) for upper spacers, and 6061 Aluiminum for lower spacers.  A total of four spacers are using in this lift, two for each rear spring. 

UHMW Spacer being installed over the spring.

UHMW Spacer being installed over the spring.

Hardware Type


Grade 10.8 Steel

By default, choose a high-grade steel replacement nut and bolt. This allows the lift to be adjusted a reasonable amount of times before the bolt needs to be replaced. This does require different size sockets/wrench (19mm)to adjust, rather than the factory size of the nut and bolt, and use of a bit of Loctite is highly recommended. 

Factory OEM:

Available by request, it may add extra time to ship, as parts must be ordered on demand from FCA. 

This provides two replacement bolts with original Jeep parts to replace the bolt on the front strut. This keeps the jeep fully in factory spec. The bolts are one time use only, and should be replaced any time the bolt is undone.The nut is re-used. 

Spacer tool to help with strut adjustments

Spacer tool to help with strut adjustments


Ordering the lift is done on the next page. Most kits ship within 5-7 business days, depending on order volume. 

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