It's Wiper Blade Time Again

After bringing home the Recon a few months ago, we realized that the JK windshield is a mass murdered of flying insects. While the switch over to Rain-X bug remover wiper fluid, the clean up was a little easier, but some spots still remain.

We decided to upgrade the wiper blades to something with a bit more consistent pattern, as the stock wipers already leave streaks. 

We had great success with Bosch Icon blades on the Cherokee, and were happy to bring them on to the Wrangler. The style of blade tends to put a bit more pressure on the windshield for better removal of junk that may stick from bugs or mud, and provides even removal of water. The profile is smaller the the factory standard assembly as well.


For the Wrangler, a pair of 15A blades takes care of the vehicle. For the Cherokee, 26A for Driver's side, and 18A for passenger.

For easy ordering, check them out on Amazon

PA All Breeds Jeep Show

We took the Hazard out to the PA All Breeds Jeep Show today in York, Pennsylvania. 

We saw a few other Trailhawk models out there and are happy to see interest is growing and more folks are starting to consider them.

We tackled the obstacle course with ease with a bit of guidance from our friends at Off-Road Consulting. We even had the opportunity to take a drive in a Renegade Trailhawk. While a very different vehicle than the Cherokee, it still hung in there on the course.



Video will be up on our YouTube in the coming days.